callaway c8 camaro

Callaway Cars mission is to produce automobiles that are exquisite in both performance and design. In certain cases, this means modifying a good existing platform to create a truly great automobile. By all accounts, the Callaway C-8 CamAerobody is such an automobile. By applying the best of all eras design philosophy, Deutschman has endowed the C-8 with a body design that has a distinct character and yet retains a harmony throughout.

"..Montreal artist's stunning interpretation of the new Camaro. ...awesome performance surrounded by stunning bodywork..."MOTOR TREND

"...the Paul Deutschman-penned CamAerobody most certainly is my style. It's a head-turning shape, pleasingly different but not overdone."ROAD & TRACK

"Oh, Canada... CamAerobody...a beautifully striking design penned by Canadian Paul Deutschman. Madonna dressed for a concert and pumping gas at the local self-serve would get less attention."SPORTS CAR INTERNATIONAL

"On the other hand, we wish that certain GM designers would get inspiration from this work."LE MONDE DE L'AUTO

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