Callaway GT3-R

Running against formidable rivals Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini, Callaway Competition won the ADAC GT3 driver and team championships for 2017. The team’s success can be attributed to the brilliant driving of Jules Gounon and Daniel Keilwitz, the inspirational team management led by Ernst Wöhr and Giovanni Ciccone and the car- the Callaway GT3-R.

With technical input from Callaway, Deutschman Design was given full responsibility to design the bodywork - from initial concept renderings through to complete design in 3D CAD. The GT3-R had to satisfy all functional (aerodynamic, mechanical, regulatory) and aesthetic requirements- that are essential to a GT car.

Congratulations to Callaway Competition- a beautiful example of passion over size!

...oozes with engineering goodness. - Jalopnik
...ultra aggressive stance makes it a feast for the eyes - CarScoops
...the bodywork is all lightweight carbon fibre, and looks pretty menacing when starkers. - TopGear

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