porsche spexter

When Paul Deutschman was commissioned to design a Porsche Speedster of the future, the automotive world took notice. The resulting design called the Spexter appeared on the covers of both Motor Trend and Sports Car Illustrated magazines. Time has shown that the Spexter correctly forecast design direction at Porsche.

Freeman Thomas- designer of the Audi TT and the new Beetle- “found the Spexter among the best interpretations to date of the Speedster theme” and wrote a 6 page illustrated styling analysis of the Spexter for Sports Car Illustrated magazine.

"It rides and handles like a lightened 911, with none of the show-car creaks and complaints we're used to. In our estimation, Deutschman should be congratulated." MOTOR TREND

"...the Spexter is a striking car that causes a stir wherever it goes." SPORTS CAR ILLUSTRATED

"If Porsche had adapted the Spexter's design theme, they would be selling more cars". J.Mays - Ford Design

"The Spexter is a proper example of coachcraft, with wholly original contours that still say "Porsche". Road & Track Special

"...Paul Deutschman's Spexter didn't predate Porsche's own return to the Speedster- but outstyled it by miles." SPORTS CAR INTERNATIONAL

"But there's no question it's a slick, clean piece of design work... rolling sculpture." AUTOWEEK

"The Spexter is a preview of the future Boxster, that the German constructor will be launching soon." JACQUES DUVAL- PRENEZ LE VOLANT

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