Deutschman Design is an internationally renowned design consultancy that specializes in, but is not limited to, automotive design. Deutschman can take a project from conceptual stage right through to actual prototype construction. Each project is unique; therefore, the design approach and the team are tailored to optimize results. The design work is carried out on-site or in Montreal, according to what serves the client best.

The services provided by Deutschman are:
  • Data gathering (client, manufacturer, engineering, marketing requirements)
  • Brainstorming, concept sketches, preliminary layout, selection of design direction
  • Colour renderings or "photo sketches" for client approval
  • Clay modeling for concept validation and 3D model scanning, if required
  • Class A surface computer modeling of final parts and molds
  • Photo realistic renderings
  • Supervising mold making and pilot part production, if requested by client
  • Construction of prototypes, if requested by client

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