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Callaway Aerobody

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Deutschman’s first Callaway collaboration was code-named Sledgehammer. Its mission was to become the world’s fastest street car. Deutschman’s task was to design and produce the bodywork so that the car would be aerodynamically stable up to 250 mph (over 400 km/hr!), and, of course, look great. The car world was stunned when the Sledgehammer was tested on a closed circuit at 254 miles per hour making it the fastest street car ever (Shared now with the Bugatti Veyron).

The basic body design of the Sledgehammer, called Aerobody, was then adapted to all production Callaway Corvettes. 

The ultimate embodiment of the Aerobody concept was the Callaway Speedster which featured a unique greenhouse that wrapped around onto the rear deck and blended into the 2 rear headrest extensions. Introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Speedster garnered a great deal of international media attention.